Disadvantages of Using Low Quality Clutch

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Disadvantages of Using Low-Quality Clutches
The clutch is a vital part of a manual transmission in a vehicle that helps one to shift between gears. If it is not working correctly or any part of the clutch system is damaged, it leads to significant transmission issues. Some of the issues are as follows:
1. Weak Acceleration
If the engine is revving but the vehicle doesn’t seem to be accelerating appropriately, the springs wear out as well as friction material, so the clutch discs don’t ‘clamp’ down as hard on the flywheel. Worn clutches will cause a loss of acceleration.
2. Loss of Power
A bad clutch can rob the vehicle of power. Because of the slippage, power may not get transferred to the ground. A bad clutch can damage the transmission.
3. Grinding Gears
If the gears really grind hard every time regardless of how smoothly one tries to shift, it is definitely a sign of bad clutch.
4. Loose Clutch Pedal
A low-quality clutch plate becomes loose and weak very quickly.
5. Sticky Clutch Pedal
Sticky Clutch pedal might take a lot more effort than usual to press down or it sticks and holds the clutch open too long when the pedal is pressed down.
6. Won’t Shift into Gear
A bad clutch won’t let the vehicle shift into gear at all or slips between certain gears.
7. Burning Smell
A low-quality clutch results in bad metal-on-metal friction and gives off an unusual burning smell.

What Are Various Type of Braking Systems?

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Brakes are one of the important safety systems in every vehicle. The car safety has touched every aspect of vehicle design, from the body of the car to the plush interiors and upgraded car safety systems like seat-belts and airbags. With the advancement in the technology varying types of braking systems are in use now.

There are different kinds of braking systems used in commercial vehicles versus a passenger car, and each type of stem requires specific knowledge and training if one wants to have effective use of it.

Braking system failures are one of the leading factors of car accidents around the world, so timely maintenance of the braking system is key to avoid serious accidents on the roads.

In an automobile vehicle, a braking system is arrangements of various linkages and components (brake lines or mechanical linkages, brake drum or brake disc, master cylinder or fulcrums, etc.) that are arranged in such a manner that it converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy to heat energy which in turns or de-accelerate the vehicle. For Brake repair service Auckland Call 09 636 4919you can visit Sterling Clutch and Brakes who are professional Clutch and brakes repair experts in New Zealand.  

The need for Braking System

The braking system in an automobile is needed:-

* To stop the moving vehicle.

* To de-accelerate the moving vehicle.

* For parking vehicle on a flat surface or on the slope.

* To prevent an accident.

* To prevent damage to the vehicle from the road conditions.


Type of Braking Systems

The vehicle moving on the road have various types of braking systems from vintage cars to modern cars. The braking system in vehicles is classified on the basis of various needs and purposes of an automobile vehicle. The following are the main braking systems in the vehicle

  1. Mechanical brakes
  2. Hydraulic brakes
  3. Air Brakes
  4. Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Mechanical Brakes : Mechanical brakes are used in Hand brakes( or parking Brakes) In it a lever is provided near the driver seat and through steel wires it is connected to the brakes at rear end of vehicle When the hand brake is applied , tension is created at the brakes and the brake shoe holds the drum from rotating and hence the movement of the vehicle is restricted, even when the same is parked on slightly inclined surface.

Hydraulic Brakes: This type of braking system uses brake fluid to transfer pressure from the brake pedal to the brake pads or shoes. By pressing the brake pedal, brake fluid transfers this pressure to the brake pads. Since the brake fluid is in the closed chamber the pressure applied on the brake pedal is evenly transferred to brake pads in all the wheels. If your car hydraulic brakes need brake pads replacement you can come to Brake pads Auckland at Sterling Clutch and brakes.

Single-circuit Hydraulic brakes

This hydraulic brake system consists of a master cylinder that is fed by a reservoir of hydraulic braking fluid. This is connected by an assortment of meta, pipes and rubber fittings which are attached to the cylinders of the wheels. The wheels contain two opposite pistons which are located on the band or drum brakes which pressure to push the pistons apart forcing the brake pads into the cylinders, thus causing the wheels to stop moving. At Cheap Brake Pads Auckland Call 09 636 4919 , you can replace brake pads of your vehicle without bothering about the high cost of pads replacement with Sterling Clutch & Brakes.

Dual -circuit Hydraulic brakes

Many high-end luxury vehicles are commonly equipped with the dual-circuit hydraulic braking system. Controlled by the onboard computer a signal is sent to the computer unit when the driver presses the brakes, which then calculates the applied force and pumps the corresponding amount of pressure into the hydraulic brakes. The computer fitted in the vehicle calculates the car rate of speed and other factors that may affect the braking.

Air Brake Systems: Air Brakes system is generally used in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses and work the same way as in rail cars. Using the triple-valve principle, air builds up inside the brake pipes or air- lines releases the brakes. Air is filled through with pressure by a compressor in an air tank and when the pedal is pressed pressure decreases in the drum, spreading the brake shoe against the drum. The compressor refills the reservoir tanks and when the pedal is allowed to retract by pulling the foot from it, air pressure increases back to the original state.

Anti-lock Brakes (ABS): All modern vehicles are mostly fitted with Anti-lock Brakes (ABS Braking system). These are not actually brakes, but an advanced technology integrated into the design of modern brake system. Anti-lock brake system or ABS consists of sensors that keep track of the rotational speed of the individual wheels. In the sudden braking, especially on wet or snowy road conditions, there is the tendency of the wheels to lock up and the tires skid because of the loss of contact with the ground secondary to the speed of the wheel. If skidding is detected, the ABS pulses the wheel’s brake pressure rapidly on and off, reducing the rotational speed of the wheels and allowing the tires to re-establish contact on the road.

For getting complete check-up of the brakes, rotors, and Drum brake repair service Auckland visit Sterling Clutch Brakes, or call at 09-636-4919 for any further inquiry regarding clutch and brakes repairs solutions. You can also visit our website https://Sterlingbrake.co.nz/. for latest offerings regarding clutch and brake repair solutions from us.

Passenger car clutch- opportunities,trends,competitive landscape&predictions by2026

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An extensive study of the product application and services conducted by experts assessing the global Passenger Car Clutch Market, regarding opportunities, demand, trends, competitive landscape and prediction by 2026. The report focuses on passenger car application market.

The subject matter experts made an effort to analyze how some business owners succeed in maintaining a competitive edge while the other fails to do so. This makes research more interesting. Also, a quick review of realistic competitors makes the overall study a lot more interesting. Report study also highlights opportunities that are helping the product owner’s size up their business further add value.

Automotive clutch, located between the engine and the transmission, is an isolated part transmitting power from the engine to the gearbox, and it allows the transmission to be interrupted while a gear is selected to move off from a stationary position, or when gears are changed while the car is moving. An Automotive clutch can help the driver enjoy a smooth start and facilitate shaft. It canals prevent transmission overload and reduce the impact of torsional vibration.

What Passenger Car Clutch Market Report Covers

The Passenger Car Clutch market research for the forecast period, 2019-2026 cannot be underestimated for the reason that it offers real-time data on the target market. The report identifies customer problems and outlines the immediate competitors. The simplified documents speak about how company owners plan to keep up with market trends.

It Gets to Know the Clutch market business better

The Global Passenger Car Clutch Market research is carried out at the different stages of the business life-cycle. It starts with the production of a product, cost, launch, application, consumption volume, and sales. The research report offers valuable insights into the market place from the beginning, including some sound business plans chalked out by prominent market leaders to establish a strong foothold and expand their products into one that’ better than others.

About the Major Players in Passenger Car Clutch market

All the major clutch producers are covered in the report Like ZF Friedrichshafen, Aisin Seiki, Borg Warner, Schaffler, EXEDY Corporation, Guilin Fuda, Hangzhou Qidie and Dongfeng Propeller and many more.

Type of important types of Passenger Car Clutch products covered in this report:

* Friction Clutch

* Electromagnetic Clutch

Which Downstream fields of Passenger Car Clutch Market covered in this report:



The contents of the study subjects of the report

 The report includes a total of 15 chapters which include chapters on Passenger car clutch product scope, market overview, market opportunities, market driving force and market risks. Top manufacturers of passenger car clutch, price of clutch offered by them, sales, revenue and total global market share are part of the second chapter. The competitive situation, sales revenue are part of the third chapter. Passenger car clutch breakdown data at the regional level are shown in chapter 4 with revenue and growth by regions from 2014 to 2019.

Regions and Segments covered in the report:

 The following regions and segments are covered in this report

*North America * China * Europe * Southeast Asia * Japan * India

Sterling Clutch and brakes are Luk clutch parts supplier Auckland. You can call on 09-636-4919 for any further enquiry regarding clutch and brake repairs solutions. You can also visit our website https://Sterlingbrake.co.nz/ to know all about the services we provide for repair and replacement of the car’s clutch and brakes.

New LuK Clutch Kits for Gen 1 & Gen 2 VAG Dsg 7 speed gearboxes

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LuK has introduced a new set of Special tools that are essentially required for the correct disassembly/assembly of the dry double clutch for the OAM transmission. Technically during disassembly of the transmission input shaft, the double clutch must be disconnected and then fitted again on the assembly. Moreover, there is an additional need for adjusting clutches K1 and K2 using washers.

The setting done during the process of disassembly/assembly is also to be checked by using special tools. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket has developed a modular tool system for current and future dry LuK double clutch systems. The Vehicle specific VAG tool is used alongside with the general basic tool to complete the repair process.

LuK Clutch Kits for Gen 1 & Gen 2 VAG Dsg 7 speed gearboxes

The new LuK Clutch kits for repair are available with us. All the required components for the repairs are included with these Kits. No extra component need for the repair process. You are free to Enquire with us for Hire Prices of LuK Clutch Tools.

1st Generation Clutch Kit

All the components necessary to replace the Double Clutch transmission are included in the LuK RepSet ®2CT (Twin Clutch Technology). To eliminate the scope of repair required for the system, it is recommended that this system should be entirely replaced during the change of Double Clutch transmission.

No old part should be reused as a combination of used parts and new parts from the LuK RepSet 2CT is not permitted. This is done to eliminate any malfunctions that are caused by composite installation from the outset.

2nd Generation Clutch Kit

The LuK RepSet 2CT contents are crafted exactly to the spare parts that are required while replacing the 2nd generation double Clutch. The clutch kit includes newly redesigned engagement lever, all the necessary shims or graded spherical caps, besides the one-piece counter bearing for the perfect repair job.

The remaining parts of LuK RepSet are largely identical to the parts that are included in the 1st generation of 2CT. But the inter-changeability of components of both the kits is not possible as these systems are not compatible. We do not recommend any use of used parts and new parts from the LuK RepSet 2CT as this can cause malfunction of clutch and transmission components at a later stage and damage the complete new installed system.


How can we increase braking system performance?

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Braking performance of your car can get affected by heat generated when the brakes are applied.  The reason to increase heat creation in a braking system is to generate added stopping power. A braking system works by converting the kinetic energy of a vehicle into heat through friction, so more heat means more friction and stopping power. This heat generated will affect the braking performance of your car.With the right brake setup, heat problems can be avoided to a greater extent and you can avoid the accidents of your vehicle on the road.

  1. Choose the right braking system components: While some brake rotors/pads produce a good amount of friction, but are very poor at dissipating the amount of heat produced in the braking system. This is due to the molecular structure of materials used in rotors and brake pads.

Which type of material you choose for the braking system components depends on your braking habits. In a racing vehicle the use of brake is more and here you need a higher grade parts to dissipate a higher amount of heat generated. Higher quality ceramic brakes and rotors parts dissipate a greater amount of heat then the ordinary brake and rotor parts. You can opt for advanced brake components for you car at Disk brake replacement service Auckland Call 09 636 4919 .

If you intend to indulge in street racing of your car then it is ideal to chose a brake rotor component set that has less material weight and higher surface area. This typical component set has a lesser overall heat capacity but a higher heat dissipation rate. The drilled and slotted rotors are a perfect choice.

  1. Right type of brake fluid: In high performance vehicles brake rotors heat up fast and pass their critical heat level, they begin to transfer this heat to the system brake fluid. When the brake fluid heats up-to a boiling point, the brake fluid viscosity decreases and causes alteration in the hydraulic braking system. This causes brake fade, or in other words it renders the braking system null and void. To avoid this you have to go for an up gradation of brake system and also choose a right brake fluid which has a higher boiling point.

Brake Components that can increase braking system heat bearing capacity

To avoid brake fade and other problems of heat related failure of braking system, you need to upgrades of following brake components that can withstand greater amount heat before affecting braking system performance.

Brake Rotor Materials: Use Ceramic, and Stainless Steel. At Rotor repair service Auckland Call 09 636 4919 you can upgrade your car rotor to high performance less heat generating rotor.

Brake Fluid: Avoid the brake fluid that have a higher affinity for water and can easily boil. Instead choose a brake fluid that has a higher boiling point.

Brake Rotor Mass : Rotors that have more thickness and diameter remains more cool and dissipate more heat.

Brake Pad Material: Ceramic pads will retain less heat and transfer more of it to the rotor. For high performance street cars use good quality semi metallic brake pads with a high performance cross drilled and slotted rotors.

Proper performance of Brake fluid ,Rotor, and brake pads is vital for the car’s safety. To avoid accidents and safety of other road users a regular service is necessary for all the components of braking systems of your car. For this you can visit Sterling Clutch and Brakes Auckland and know in detail about the regular service of your vehicle’s clutch and brake parts and also for replacement/up gradation to high performing parts. You can also contract through our website http://Sterlingbrake.co.nz/ or call @09-636-4919. Our technical team is always ready to guide you and provide the best possible solutions for your car problems relating to clutch and brakes..

How can You Test Car Clutch?

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Now we see the car’s with automotive transmission, as manual transmissions are no longer as popular with the automotive manufacturers as they were in past. But still there are large number of vehicles/cars with manual transmissions. These manual transmissions vehicle have clutch to control power from the engine.

A clutch in a vehicle is a friction disc that is located inside the vehicle’s transmission compartment. Clutch is the most important components in a manual transmission vehicle’s drive line. It is also a component that is responsible for transferring the power from engine through the transmission, so that the power can be distributed to the wheels of the vehicle and make it move forward or backward.

Being mechanical in nature clutch operate using friction lining, so with the time they wear out and their performance get reduced. When the clutch wears out, it starts displaying signs such as noise, vibration, and slippage. It the symptoms remained unattended and unchanged ,the clutch will fail to transfer any of the power from engine to the vehicle’s wheel, and the vehicle will fail to move and eventually the clutch and transmission parts needs replacement. Leading Luk Clutch Dealers Auckland , Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland can solve all your clutch replacement problems.

Here are certain simple tests by performing which you can check whether the clutch is functioning properly, or it needs to be replaced.

Tests to check whether clutch needs replacement

  1. Check the Clutch: You have to see if the engaging and disengaging of clutch is proper before deciding whether a clutch needs to be replaced.

After running the vehicle engine, step on the clutch pedal and put the vehicle into gear. The transmission should shift into gear without any grinding or popping sounds.

In case the clutch of your vehicle is hydraulically operated, make sure that fluid level in the fluid bottle is topped off and there is no leaks or any other problem with the system.

In case cable is used in your vehicle to operate the clutch in your vehicle or it is cable operated, examine the cable assembly, and make sure that cable assembly is free from any malfunction ,and it is functioning correctly.

Also pay attention to any sign that may indicate that there is clutch slippage. If the clutch is slipping, it will not engage properly and results in engine to shake, hesitate, or even rev to high revolution per minutes while the vehicle is in driving mode.

  1. Drive and test the clutch operation: The second step is to check the clutch operation and for this put the vehicle into first gear and drive off from a stop, as usual. Pay extra attention to any abnormal behaviour when releasing the clutch pedal to take off. If the vehicle exhibit any grinding or squeaking noises, burning smells, or slippage, it will indicate that there may be some clutch problem, and if above symptoms are excessive it will mean the clutch is excessively worn and needs replacement at the earliest.
  2. Test the vehicle takeoff in the third gear: After testing the car on road, take your vehicle to a empty parking lot and take off from stop with your car in third gear.

After putting your car in third gear you have to release the clutch pedal very slowly and give the car some throttle to prevent it from stalling. This action of yours will make the vehicle to eventually take off very slowly. And while taking off if your vehicle beings to display any signs of slippage, any abnormal noises, or any burning smell, then the clutch needs replacement as it is excessively worn out.

  1. Replace the clutch:In case you are able to detect the clutch problem then it is very important to take your vehicle to the professional mechanic or a garage and replace the clutch assembly and kit with OEM parts. In any other case if you are not able to correctly detect the clutch problem you should take your vehicle to any professional technician or Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland and get Clutch repair service in Auckland and get advice how to maintain your car’s Clutch and brakes in top condition. You can mail your query at http://Sterlingbrake.co.nz/ or call @09-636-4919.


Clutch Kit 620 3268 00 for PSA- is this an incorrectly machined Pressure Plate

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After unpacking the clutch and seeing the pressure plate, even an experienced technician would look twice. Can this work? Is it a manufacturing error? “ I have never seen such a smooth surface,’says the technician, or something similar.

What has happened here? “Normally, the surface is textured, you can see the grooves.’

However, in this case, this is a completely new production process.  This is because the pressure plate has not been cast and then machined as usual. It is formed from sheet steel using the deep drawing process- therefore rendering the subsequent machining step unnecessary.

The thermal absorption capacity and friction coefficient are unaffected, the pressure plate assembly fully meets the technical requirements. There are no differences in installation- so marvel at it from a second or two, but then install it calmly without concern. Vehicle specific installation instruction is also available.

Sterling Clutch and brakes are Luk clutch parts supplier Auckland. You can call on 09-636-4919 for any further inquiry regarding clutch and brake repairs solutions. You can also visit our website https://Sterlingbrake.co.nz/.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket intro Forgery proof Labels for Product Packaging

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A new security label has been introduced by Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket to a wide range of product packaging for the Luk, INA, FAG, and Ruville brands. Due to several safety features on the article label, including a data-matrix code, now the company’s distribution partners and garages can check reliably whether the package they are holding is original from Aftermarket experts or a counterfeit. At present this new security solution is already being used for selected product groups and repair solution, it will be introduced to all Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket product packages and these will get this technology in a step by step process.

These new security measures are a part of the joint effort of the Manufacturers against Product Piracy (MAPP) initiative. In this initiative, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket and other well-known members of European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) have joined. The main goal of this initiative is that to make market players aware of the problem of the product and brand piracy, and to provide them with information how to clearly identify the original parts from the pirated. As per the coding proposal created by CLEPA, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is using the data-matrix code on its packaging of automotive products.Sterling Clutch & Brake Auckland Use Aftermarket parts with data metrics in all its repair work .

To ensure the clear identification of a multilevel security system consisting of a data-matrix code and an optical security feature is introduced. Special encryption prevents counterfeiters from creating valid codes of their own. By simply scanning the information on the product label using smartphone information can be automatically identified. In few seconds data is checked and the results are obtained.

Optical security markings on the article label provide additional protection against forgery. This security feature is similar to print on bank notes, and these have visible and concealed security features on them- and this has a resolution that’s five-time higher. Reliable information about the genuineness of the product is provided by a combination of security features, along with a clear link to the data stored in the data-matrix code.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is setting an example to alleviate uncertainty in the market caused by product and market piracy, and to stop attempts to circulate dubious product before they get even started. Schaeffler is also conducting additional measures to provide the highest possible levels of security when purchasing and installing its products. This is the reason why Schaeffler is providing new security label on its products.Sterling Clutch & Brake Auckland is leading luk spare parts supplier in New zealand with security level .

All the Schaeffler products with new forgery-proof labels packaging are available with Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland and its garages in other towns of New Zealand. You are assured to receive the genuine parts for repair of your clutch and other transmission parts for your vehicle.