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Stationery Shop Billing Software is a complete Stationery Business Billing Software that caters to every need of modern day Stationery business. Designed to help you eliminate all the complexities in business automation. This means you will not have to spend your valuable time sweating over details of any inventory related or accounting related issue. With “Billing Software”, you need to ensure the accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and statements will be generated automatically.

Solutions For Stationery Retail Shop

Purchase Management

Purchasing module streamlines the procurement of required raw materials. It automates the processes of buying. Processes include identifying potential suppliers, negotiating the price. Awarding purchase orders to the supplier, and billing processes are also included.

Inventory Management

ERP software module is a complete system that offers integrated, interactive management of all your inventories, including physical stock room, in-transit, consigned and others.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRM system, is a suite of software applications used to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. An HRMS enables a company to fully understand its workforce while staying compliant with changing tax laws and labor regulations.


A CRM solution helps you focus on your organization's relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout your lifecycle with them, including finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship.

Point of sale

Point of sale systems are systems that enable the business transaction between the client and the company to be completed. POS system is a computerized network that consists of the main computer linked with several checkout terminals and supported by different hardware features starting from barcode scanners and ending with card payment terminals.

E-commerce Aggregator

An ecommerce business model where the Web store sells products or services which it does not produce or warehouse. An aggregator creates an environment where multiple providers (sellers) must compete on terms determined by the costumer.

Key Features of Stationery Retail Software

Dashboards & Reports
Multistore Management
Category and Subcategory Management
Multiple types of Discount Management
Customer Hold Feature
Integration With Accounts
Save & Print
Return, Refunds And Store Credit Feature
Multiple Payment Method
Stock & Auto-Filled Order

Bulk Products

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