Our Story

The dream was to be the game changer in ERP industry.

Our founder felt the weight of attempting to oversee requests, stock, and clients over different channels, while as yet keeping up extraordinary administration. They realized that on the off chance that they didn’t have the correct framework set up they could never have the capacity to develop effectively – regardless of how long they put in.

The high level management of the business must take active part in the promotion of ERP through the organization and steps must be taken to make sure that the planning doesn’t go waste. There must be an ERP view before the ERP application is implemented, as that would make the users aware of the advantages of an ERP system and their duties and responsibilities beforehand.

Software is our craft and our passion. We create beautiful software to solve business problems.We believe that package is that the final product of the mind and therefore the hands.

What LERP Provides You

Programming is our speciality and our enthusiasm. We make lovely programming to take care of business issues. We trust that the product framework is the last result of the brain and furthermore the hands. We believe that the item structure is the last consequence of the cerebrum and besides the hands.

LERP is focused on:

  • Spending your cash shrewdly. We put more in item advancement and client support than in deals and advertising.
  • We figure business programming should cover complex needs without being confounded.
  • Our main goal is to give software that is instinctive, full-included, firmly coordinated, easy to overhaul, all while running easily for each business, each client.
  • From a modest start as a small collection of family and friends to the highly respected global organization, LERP today nurtures and delivers the dream.
  • LERP is the Software Platform for Start-to-end process automation, data the executive’s framework tweaked for all type of industry.
  • We engage associations to streamline their tasks, diminish wastage, cut down costs, increment benefits, improve consistence and oversee security to keep their clients glad and fulfilled. Also, all around arranged executed usage, escalated preparing, 24×7 help, progressing innovative work, consistent advancement and boundless customization ability are a couple of paths of LERP.
  • Practical arrangements that are intended for explicit necessities and verticals, help average sized to vast business dares to address issues, audit business exhibitions and help with settling on vital choices to flourish in the business sectors.

Our purchasers will administer accounting, buying, deals, generation, and unit of time within solitary programming. The advantage of Associate in Nursing institutionalized program is it brings down the expense of maintaining the framework and also the expense of users. Another supporter will style the program during a few hours and have the capability to select up business experiences during a short live of your time. As we have a tendency to continue rising the program and discharge new highlights, current purchasers can appreciate the employment of these highlights at no further expense.

Industrial Built

LERP software package is intended to address industry-explicit difficulties for makers and merchants.

Role Specific

Software customized for tending to everything crossing tasks, fund, IT, and the official.


Without the profundity of usefulness you require, we help you gain the correct innovation fit.


Whether you need to convey in the cloud or on premise, LERP works with your individual business necessities.

Lasting ERP Numbers

Organizations utilizing LERP acquire than a product arrangement. So whether your key knowledge is parcel detectability, crude material costing, or explicit to your industry, we have the ability to collaborate with you in empowering that understanding such that pushes the business ahead.







Why Choose Us?

With LERP, you acquire than a product arrangement. You get a worldwide group of industry specialists focused on guaranteeing your prosperity. Our Clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Profound Customization
  • Industry Specialization
  • Intelligent Learning
  • Broad Educational Programs
  • Conventional and Computerized Conveyance Modalities
  • Experienced and Master Facilitators
  • Brings About Starting and Supporting Change Through The Association


Our mission is to change and simple to utilize business process that structure a total suite of instruments to go with any business needs and direct the entirety of our hierarchical endeavours in structure existing specialized quality and brand acknowledgement to raise the development in the centre business. Fabricate a property association enabling advancement forever simple and minding it. To realize increased dimensions of productive growth within the core business, and enhance into new territories that supplement the centre business, getting to deliver the goods excellence and business leader standing within the new areas. To attach and sharpen the simplest of key and specialized aptitudes with a read to bargain with real-life business problems and create imaginative e-business answers for optimizing structure growth.


Enterprise resource planning is a business solutions package, which is aimed at integrating all aspects of the present day business world. The objective of ERP applications is to provide the organization with a single and unified interface for various aspects of the organization like logistics, accounting, CRM and inventory management. Fabricate a reasonable association enabling advancement to make life straightforward and minding the underprivileged. To serve the advancement of operational perfection and all out quality administration over the venture.


“We trust that makers are on the precarious edge of making canny creation conditions inside associated advanced biological systems, where frameworks like ERP go about as a computerized centre around which the whole production line works as a computer.” Before a crowd of people at its yearly Insights client meeting, LERP uncovered how the most recent variant of its worldwide venture asset arranging (ERP) arrangement, LERP empowers operational conditions where processing plants, distribution centres, and machines are altogether associated with improving profitability and intensity.